Friends with Benefits: Scene 3: Tyler Edwards & Matt Stevens

Rokko & Michael Amerika – Stag homme

Rokko & Michael Amerika

In the second installment of Stag Homme’s « Buenos Aires Series » two young men go to take a piss together around a tree. But Rokko notices that Michael Amerika is more into watching his big fat piece piss than taking a piss of his own. So Rocco starts rubbing his fat cock and easily entices Michael to get down on his knees and put in his mouth exactly what he’s salivating over. What ensues is a hard and delicious suck and fuck outdoor sequence which will make you a instant fan of outdoor fucking and Argentinian men. Rokko and Michael Amerika is directed by Damien Crosse.CLICK HERE

Stag Homme Studios

Pacific Coast: Scene 3: Jesse Jackman & Donnie Dean – TitanMen Media

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